The Solve Charity

SOLVE is a registered charity, preparing to launch in January2020 in South East Kent and later county by county around England and Wales. 


SOLVE's mission is to provide timely access for people aged 18 - 65 with severe mental health problems to private psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists funded by The SOLVE Charity, once they have exhausted treatment with, and been discharged by Secondary Mental Health Services.

 Timely help saves costs and improves lives.
Mental health problems can affect any of us at any time in our lives. Long term conditions or a sudden illness, an accident, loss, drastic 
change of circumstances, sheer pressure at home or at work, career highs or career lows, every story is individual.

SOLVE uses its unique extensive database of accredited specialists from Royal Institute of Psychiatry, Royal Institute of Psychologists, The British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) amongst others to offer a choice of the most suitable knowledge. 

SOLVE finances a timely consultation and therapy for a person in need (patients aged 18 – 65, with specific conditions). 

While preparing for the launch, SOLVE runs a weekly pilot support group in SE Kent which has been going for over a year, develops a database of specialists and establishes links with 97 GP surgeries across the County of Kent.
We would be most grateful for your support to enable SOLVE to launch and develop the SOLVE charity and take it to a National level.   

Registration No: 1180151

Address: Finglesham Well, The Street, Finglesham, Nr Deal, Kent CT14 0NE


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